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Thursday, 08 August 2019 10:12

Jeep Tour (Volkanica Tour)

Once the group is assembled in the village of Macher we start the trip driving on offroad-tracks towards “La asomada”, where we'll have the chance to see the local cultivation and enjoy the view of the whole coastline of Puerto del Carmen and Arrecife. Afterwards we arrive to the area of “La Geria”

We continue towards Timanfaya, the 3rd most visited national park in Spain, which is situated in the region of the “Montañas del fuego”, the mountains of fire.

Once we enter the park the clients take a tour in bus to discover a huge variety of geological phenomenons related to their volcanic nature as well as a big biological diversity with about 180 different species.

After having finished the bus tour, we have some time to eat something, take pictures, use the bathroom etc. In the restaurant “El Diablo” the interior heat of the Timanfaya soil (remember that there's still volcanic activity in the national park!) is used to prepare the typical dishes of Lanzarote. Having left the park we make another short stop and the clients get the chance to hop on a camel and take a ride through the valley of the Montañas del fuego if they want to.

Next stop is the region called “El Golfo”, one of the rare and scarce examples of hydrovolcanism, a volcanic activity which takes place at low levels of altitude.

The volcano is formed by porous lava, which has created spectacular landscapes with the time passing by. The sea is passing through the crater forming a beautiful black beach presenting a great contrast to the green lake to which it is connected underground. The lake that has appeared is called “Laguna de los Clicos” and has been declared preserve area.

After few kilometres with our jeep we arrive to “Los Hervidores”. The narrow road, uniquely designed by Cesar Manrique, already shows that we are approaching a special place. Since the eruption of Timanfaya, for more than 2 centuries, the beautiful south-west coast has created its volcanic rocky geography. The immediate cooling of the lava when hitting the water and the erosive effect of the waves have created a peculiar coastal line. The underwater caves, the recondite morphological turning and the strength of the sea offer an unforgettable spectacle.

We go on to “Las Salinas de Janubio”. They cover 440.000 square metres of salt-producing land. Due to the origen of the central lake, which consists of water from the close sea, the salinas were linked to the fishing, salting and fish-conserving industry of the island. It's a majestic view. The impressive explosion of colours and the architectural complex guarantee a unique experience. The surroundings with the contrast between the salt and the black sand of the neighbouring beach Janubio make the postcard-view complete.

To finish our trip we drive to the famous Papagayo Beach in the area of Playa Blanca where we can enjoy a swim in the clear water.

Thursday, 08 August 2019 06:19

Jeep Tour (North Route)

We started the route towards Guatiza where we can admire cactus plantation and show the customers, different cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food uses of cochineal (an insect that lives in them).

We continue to the village of Mala, where emerges the oldest garden cactus of Lanzarote and, where without getting off the cars, can take pictures bordering the plantation.

We continue north, crossing the villages of Arrieta and Punta Mujeres. Then, go to the northwest towards Jameos del Agua and Cueva de los Verdes. These are two of the best resorts of Cesar Manrique, where the client decides which enter. (One of the resorts is included in the price).

The route follows the coast where we find the wonderful beach of Caletón Blanco, where its waters are crystal clear and the sand white, which we can contemplate.

Go to Órzola, where the white of the picturesque fishing village combines with the turquoise beaches.

We go to Yé, where we find the Mirador del Río, also the work of César Manrique, which is a majestic valcony overlooking the sea, is another characteristic part of the north of Archipiélago Chinijo, which is the set of islests, just more than one nautical mile northwest of Lanzarote, formed by the islands La Graciosa ( the only inhabited), Montaña Clara, Alegranza y los Roques of the east and west. It is a protected natural space and rich marine biodiversity.

We continue to the viewpoint of Guinate, which give explanation about the different layers of rocks that we saw, and we can contemplate the spectacular scenery offered by the bay window.

Continue the route through the Mirador de los Helechos, where whoever wants, can taste variety of canarian products and contemplate Haria and its magnificent valley of the thousand of palms. We find with the other side of Lanzarote, the dry and thirsty island is transformed into an orchard, the landscape is fresh and green, from the various plantations that bathe Haria and the villages of Máguez, Gallo and Guinate. Haria is also known for its arquitectural heritage.

And finally, we passed through the village Los Valles to Teguise, where we will end the tour.