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About Us

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...with over 15 years experience and born in the year 1997 is a company dedicated to safari jeep tours based in the Canary Islands, Spain.

Dedicated to 4x4 tours specializing in tourism sector we serve European tourists visiting the islands of Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria, we design specialized products based on the particular needs of this market and in accordance with the new trends in global tourism .

We move away from mass tourism concept and propose solutions devised in the discovery of the authentic giving way to a deep assimilation of destination using different products and services.


What makes us different

Vision of sustainable tourism through programs and activities that seek a greater understanding of the natural, social and cultural tourist destination.

Custom products designed for those looking for added value in their travels.

Personalized service and flexibility in dealing with our guides in Spanish, German, English, French, Italian and Polish, available in all service areas.

Creative programs that combine leisure visits and putting first the needs of the traveler.

Security high criteria in the selection of services (appropriately trained staff, comfort jeep (max 6 guests per jeep) all risks insurance for the tourist.)


Discovery Safari is a task shared by a large group of professionals working together with the aim of offering tourists a unique holiday experience.


  • Managing and Founding Partner: Salvador Rodriguez.
  • Director and Founding Partner: Eugenia Mejias
  • Assistant to the islands.
  • Responsible for Lanzarote: José Luis Viera
  • Responsible for Fuerteventura: Ruben Mejias.
  • Responsible for Gran Canaria: Pedro Garcia.
  • Guides drivers:
    • Luis Santana, Beltran Goblet, Conny Backhaus, Pier Bonardi, Younes Haboub, Carl Joseph, Arturo Martinez, Giorgio Perazzone, Antonius Casper, Jorg Ziolkowski, Driss Haboub, Fried Fischer, Gabriela Tothova.
  • Drivers: Alvaro Galeano, Fausto, Tomas Marrero, Silvia Grassini, Juan Alcorac, Franciscos Artilles, Paul André, Martin Suarez, Andre Rodriguez, Antonio intestine.


Web and Graphic Design Projects: Angel Rodriguez


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